Policy Handbook -- 40 points -- Set your expectations for online teaching!

Objective 3. Develop a handbook based on research and best practices outlining rules, policies, guidelines and resources for successful online learning experiences.
NACOL Standard L. The teacher collaborates with colleagues.

Develop an online Policy Handbook to
  • communicate your online learning expectations, rules, policies, guidelines, hints, etc
  • reflect your knowledge of research and best practice in online learning

Work with your assigned group of using Web 2.0 tools (a wiki or Google Docs perhaps?)
Mount your Handbook so it is available electronically (submit address)

Sample from Summer 2011 Group:

I'm mixing you up so that you have to communicate online with your group. Feel free to talk with your co-workers in person if you wish. I don't mind if you share ideas. Do document where you have borrowed ideas from.
Group 1: Rowan, Megan, Heidi, Erin -- http://elementaryonlinehandbook.wikispaces.com/
Group A: Jenny, Kat, Robin, Tim, Kristin -- http://ourpolicyhandbook.wikispaces.com/

Important Dates:
Due Week 6 or earlier

Include the following:
  1. Title, date, overview of document
  2. Authors and short biography
  3. Definition of online learning
  4. Copyright, fair use, legal, ethical issues rules, guidelines, policies
  5. Student expectations, rules, hints, etc
  6. Student contract (to be signed by student)
  7. Parent/Family expectations, rules, hints, etc.
  8. Parent/Family contract (to be signed by family)
  9. Teacher expectations, rules, etc
  10. District expectations, rules, etc
  11. Course design checklist
  12. References and Readings
  13. (clearly demonstrate you have read the literature on online research and best practices and have pulled ideas from these readings, include your references in your reference list)
  14. (attend to spelling, grammar, and writing mechanics)
  15. (add graphics and other design features to make interesting)

40 points = All 1-15 criteria listed above met AND all NACOL Standards listed below met.
30 points = 80% of criteria 1-15 met AND 80% of NACOL Standards listed below met.
Incomplete = less than 80% of criteria met.

NACOL Standards
D. The teacher provides online leadership in a manner that promotes student success through regular feedback, prompt response and clear expectations.
E. The teacher models, guides and encourages legal, ethical, safe and healthy behavior related to technology use.