Student Units

Click below for access to the units we are developing.

Note to developers and reviewers: Create your unit as you want your students to view/use/interact with it. If that requires them to register for an account, then that's what they will need to do. As we (participants in this class) review your unit, it will be up to us as to whether or not we want to try the tools or not. There should be enough information on your website so that we can understand what would be going on if we didn't try the tool ourselves.

Fall 2012 units:
Erin -- Habitats --
Heidi & Megan -- Family --
Jenny -- HE Honors Economics --
Kat -- Independent Reading --
Tim and Kristin -- Genetics --
Robin -- ELL Support --
Rowan -- Solar System --

Summer 2010 Units:
Amy -- modules on information literacy topics for Middle School students
Jason and Joe W -- three week fitness unit --
Kim -- High School Advanced Art/ Independent Study -- Elements and Principals of design and an Art History Painting Unit
Mary -- 7th grade science,Exploring the World of Plants, enter as Guest
Joe F --

Fall 2010 Units:
Leanne -- Program Evaluation Basics
Clinton -- prepare newly released inmates to participate in distance learning
Allison -- High School Choir
Anissa -- Oceans, grade 2
Barb -- Creation Station
Danni -- Exploring Weather and Climate, grade 2
Dede -- Communities around the World
Gail -- book discussion group (you will need to request permission to join)
Jared -- Strength Training: 9th Grade
Jeff -- Keyboarding,6th grade (you will need to request permission to join)
Jena -- Maniac Magee
Kelly -- breads (sign in using your google account, request permission to view pages)
Lori -- Basic Reading

Summer 2010 Units:
Carol -- User name: student2 password: same .... Click on 'McKinley Book Award' under the 'My Classes' column to the rite. This is for 5th graders - for use during their scheduled weekly library visit. (It's just part of a months long project.)
CC (key = 575)
Molly -- When navigating the unit, click on the Parts 1-4 on the sidebar under the relativity unit section.
Sarah -- D2L, campus email username and password
Thomas -- Native Americans

Policy Handbook -- Laurie & group