Week 2 -- September 24-October 7 -- Content Management Systems (CMS), Online Learning, Online Discussions, Select Unit Topic, Demonstrate you are a Licensed or Licensable Teacher, Submit Reflection 1

*** Spreadsheet with assignments and due dates. Keep track of your progress!!! ****

Course Objectives
You will:
  1. Participate in an online course as a student including reflecting on participation and collaboration.
  2. Design a standards-based online instructional unit incorporating research and best practice based principles.
  3. Develop a handbook based on research and best practices outlining rules, policies, guidelines and resources for successful online learning experiences.
  4. Explore project based learning and essential questions then weave the concepts into your instructional unit.
  5. Explore a variety of Web 2.0 tools then weave their use into your instructional unit.
  6. Demonstrate you are a licensed or licenseable teacher (if you want certificate indicating you have completed this course, see Wisconsin State Statue 118.19(13)).

Assignment 1: Research what content or learning management system(s) is/are available for use in your district. (objective1)

Assignment 2: Start reading about online and blended learning. (objectives 2, 3)

Assignment 3: Participate in online discussions on above articles. (objective 1)
  • After you have joined the wiki, on the top right you should see either a Discussion tab or a bubble with the number 5 next to it. This is where you will access the discussion portion of this wiki. (Click on article topic you wish to discuss, write reply in reply box, click Post. Click Back to Discussion Forum to return to original list of discussions.)
  • Reply to one of the discussion questions posed by Thursday Sept 27. Please spread your responses out so each article has a couple of responses. Add to online teaching tips if you wish but no question was posed under that heading.
  • Read all posts.
  • Reply to at least 3 more posts by end of week 2 (Oct 7)
  • Follow online discussion rules (see below).

Electronic Discussion Rules:
  1. Say something of substance rather than echoing other peoples’ responses. If you wish to agree with someone, that’s okay but also add another thought to deepen the conversation.
  2. If you disagree with someone, state why and offer a rationale. Remember to address the issue, not attack the person.
  3. Add a new topic to the discussion when you change thoughts. Otherwise, reply to the post.
  4. Online discussions are not a competition to see who can post the most. They are a thoughtful, considered discussion of critical issues. State your point then back it up with information from readings, life events, etc. Push for deep understanding.
  5. Discussions take place over time, don’t wait until the last minute to make your posts.
  6. If you are going to have a long post, type it in MS Word or something then paste into D2L.
  7. If you think the electronic discussions are taking too much time, bring the issue up with the group and instructor. Negotiation of expectations is typical.
Grading Criteria: Posts add to discussion, are posted in a timely manner, adhere to above discussion rules.

Assignment 4: Teacher Licensure (objective 6)
  • To meet DPI requirements for a certificate to teach online, send me a copy of your teaching license indicating you are a licensed or licensable teacher.
  • Scan and send as an attachment.
  • If you are not interested in this certificate, you do not need to meet this requirement.
  • Due by December 1, midnight.

Assignment 5: Reflection 1 (objectives 1, 2, 3)
Part I - Content Management System (CMS)
  • Reflect on what you have learned about your content management system (cms).
  • Tell what cms support is available (who, when are they available, how eager do they appear to assist you, what is/are the best way to contact him/her/them, what training is provided for you, what training and/or assistance is available for student support).
  • Get an account on the system so you can start exploring its use.
  • If your district doesn't have a system, set up a webspace or wiki to use for your online instructional unit.

Part II -- Online Learning and Discussion
  • How did the online discussion go for you?
  • Any questions or problems?
  • What surprised you in the articles or discussion? Please include something from each article/discussion to demonstrate you read and thought about them.

Part III -- Online Unit
  • Submit topic for instructional unit.
  • Tell context of unit
  • See Project-Unit page for unit details

  • Email reflection to course instructor cramer@uwosh.edu
  • Send reflection directly in the body of the email rather than as an attachment.
  • Reflection due by October 7, midnight

My online policy -- (objective 3)
During the standard school year I'm online all day (at least 8-4) except when I'm in class. In the summer I'm likely to be online in the morning but less so in the afternoon.
I do not generally check email in the evenings or on weekends unless I know you will be sending me messages.
Email is my preferred mode of communication and I do check it regularly when I'm online.
I can talk with you electronically or via phone most anytime including nights and weekends. Just set up an appointment with me.
I'm scheduled for jury duty for the week of Sept 24 so may not be online during the day.