Week 3 -- October 8-28 -- Online Research and Best Practice, Leading Discussions, Policy Handbook, Create Unit's Webspace

*** Spreadsheet with assignments and due dates. Keep track of your progress!!! ****

Course Objectives
You will:
  1. Participate in an online course as a student including reflecting on participation and collaboration.
  2. Design a standards-based online instructional unit incorporating research and best practice based principles.
  3. Develop a handbook based on research and best practices outlining rules, policies, guidelines and resources for successful online learning experiences.
  4. Explore project based learning and essential questions then weave the concepts into your instructional unit.
  5. Explore a variety of Web 2.0 tools then weave their use into your instructional unit.
  6. Demonstrate you are a licensed or licenseable teacher (if you want certificate indicating you have completed this course, see Wisconsin State Statue 118.19(13)).

Assignment 1: Read Online Research and Best Practice (objective 3)

Assignment 2: Leading Discussions (objective 1)
  • Lead a discussion on a theme from the articles listed above. Start the post with a summary of what you have read then pose a question. Monitor the discussion throughout the week adding feedback and new information you are learning. To make the discussion more threaded, use people's names when replying to someone's comments. Start your discussion during the first week of this "week". Continue the discussion throughout the remaining time.
  • Each person should post at least 3 comments scattered among the articles so each discussion has some discussion.
  • Demonstrate you can lead a discussion.

It doesn’t seem logical to have 9 conversations all going at the same time. We could stretch this out over 4 weeks. Let’s do that. During this week (Oct 7-13, Sun-Sat) let’s read. Next week (Oct 14-20) let’s have Erin, Heidi and Jenny each lead a discussion on the topic of their choice from the readings. Please post your discussion starter by Sunday Oct 14 noon. Each person will then participate in each discussion (6 posts minimum). As discussion leader you will need to tune in daily and coach the discussion along. The next week (Oct 21-27) Kat, Kristin, and Megan will be discussion leaders. Same rules apply. The last week (Oct 29-Nov 3) Robin, Rowan and Tim will be the leaders. Same rules apply. It will be fun to hear how our thinking evolves and what issues you elect to discuss.

Assignment 3: Policy Handbook (objective 3)
  • Start your Policy Handbook.
  • See Project-Policy Handbook link on left for details and your assigned group.

Assignment 4: Start creating your unit's webspace. (objective 2)
  • Invite all in course to view your site.
  • On site include your name, photo and unit topic.
  • Need a wiki? Try http://www.wikispaces.com/
  • Send me the web address of your unit and I will put it on the new page entitled Student Units which I added to our class wiki. You will be able to access everyone's units through this page.