Week 7 -- Dec 2-14 -- Conclusions

Course Objectives
You will:
  1. Participate in an online course as a student including reflecting on participation and collaboration.
  2. Design a standards-based online instructional unit incorporating research and best practice based principles.
  3. Develop a handbook based on research and best practices outlining rules, policies, guidelines and resources for successful online learning experiences.
  4. Explore project based learning and essential questions then weave the concepts into your instructional unit.
  5. Explore a variety of Web 2.0 tools then weave their use into your instructional unit.
  6. Demonstrate you are a licensed or licenseable teacher (if you want certificate indicating you have completed this course, see Wisconsin State Statue 118.19(13)).

Congratulations! You have successfully navigated this course. (objective 1)

Submit your Unit if you haven't done so already. (objective 2)

Submit a final reflection telling what you have learned and what went well for you in the course. (objective 1)